About us We always uphold the ideal spirit of the Virtue of the Inner Humanity,
from which our firm derives its Chinese name
北京市某某律师事务所 某某律师事务所成立于2008年8月,是经多名资深律师重新整合并实行严格公司化管理的合伙制律师事务所。总部设于北京,在国内各地设有分支或协作机构。自成立以来,我们致力于提供一流的商业与争议解决法律服务,以高效、务实的执业水准和形象,取得众多社会荣誉和客户的信赖。

Law Firm was incorporated on August 2008 with the re-integration of several senior lawyers. The Firm is a partnership law practice which implements strict corporation management. The Firm is headquartered in Beijing, with branches or associated agencies operating around the country.


"Leen", the Chinese name of our firm, was inspired by the verse "Li Ren Wei Mei" from the Article of Humanity in the Analects of Confucius, which literally means "Beauty lies in the virtue of inner humanity".

The majority of the Leen team lawyers graduated from renowned legal institutions both at home and abroad, many of whom have work experiences in administrative or judicial authorities, prestigious universities, large corporations and internationally renowned law firms.
Beijing Moumou Law Firm 经过多年的磨砺,我们无论在传统业务领域还是新兴业务领域,都掌握了足够的前沿水平、奠定了非凡的业绩。目前,我们已经形成公司事务、知识产权、刑事辩护、资本市场与证券、并购与重组、房地产与建筑工程、民商事争议解决、劳动与社会保障等业务板块,全面的业务门类、细致的专业分工使我们不但能为客户提供充分的法律分析,更能依据客观情况向客户提供精准可行的的解决方案。

With years of development, the We Law Firm has mastered in both traditional and emerging business areas enough advanced level expertise and have achieved an extraordinary performance. At present, the We Law Firm has formed detailed business categories including Corporate Affairs, intellectual property, criminal defense, capital markets and securities, mergers and acquisitions and restructuring, real estate and construction, civil and commercial disputes, labor and social security etc.
Address 公司地址:北京市朝阳区朝阳北路某木大楼A座123室 010-8888-8888 We have always adhered to professionalism and integrity to win trust. We are always committed to providing pragmatic solutions.
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